Everyone is asking about hardware wallets and every day we saw more and more news about Scams and hacking into Company websites, exchanges and even the most famous hardware wallets in the market that you normally should pay from $ 59 to $ 199 or more.

But WHY I should pay for a hardware wallets and what are the real differences between this and a hand made one ?

The mos important question is : How secure is a wallet, a webwallet, a software wallet, a paper wallet and a hard wallet ?

Remembering that for Crypto your real coins…

You can work with anaconda, spyder, IDLE, sublime, Python, R, all separated or all together.

Like me, when I started, some years ago, I used everything from scratch, basically using the Python console for everything.

After some time, you start to discover a lot of good stuff, to help you in your daily development task, and one of then, is the Jupyter extensions.

So, now that you already have the Jupyter Lab installed, we can start to use some interesting extensions.

As the Jupyter Lab extensions are npm packages we will need to install npm before we install any extensions.

Now that we have the WSL installed and we already started to create some Machine Learning projects, or whatever else kind of projects in my Jupyter Lab or notebook, how about the backup of this environment ? and maybe a restore to another computer ?

If you have the windows 10 version above 1903 you can use the embedded tool wsl.exe — export and — import to do the job.

If you are bellow this versions or have any restriction from your company there are some free tools that can do the job for you.

In this article we will…

How this words came in place, together in the same line ?

Easy, if you are working whit any project that needs to be productive, fast development, testing and deploy.

Normally is that what you want to develop your Data Science or Machine learning projects.

We can add GIT, Bitbucket, Amazon codeCommit, and so much more tools to enrich your working/development environment, and besides Windows, all others are for FREE.

Recently I get the task to made an installation that can be reproduced and backed up easily so in an unfortunately event of loss the notebook you can be ready…

Some time ago I read this post sent to one of my whats-app groups and I confess that it caught my attention like it was a Dan Brown book.

My first reaction was that this would make a good book and then an excellent script for a movie.

But I couldn’t help but reflect on the risks pointed out in the text and the incredible coincidence of Bitcoin values ​​”predicted” in 2014 and the reality that followed.

Follows a free translation of the post published with the pseudonym “Luka_Magnotta” over 6 years ago …

“I’m sending this message from the…

Mining, cloud mining, anyone interested in the revolution that is taking over the planet have heard or are curious to understand how this process works.

How can I CREATE currencies by simply “mining”?

The word mining was used by Satoshi Nakamoto in his famous white paper “ Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” published in 2008 in Chapter 6 where he describes the incentive system created to keep the network active and the largest number of nodes or machines replicating the #blockchain’s records and competing to receive the prize.

Yes, to maintain the existence of the cryptocurrencie-based eco-system based on…

First of all you should have root access.

You can run as root or using sudo.

If you are using the Windows Subsystem for Linux you can issue the commands with sudo.

For this recipe we will need :

  • wget
  • curl
  • apt-get
  • sudo
  • ca-certificates

Lets start.

$ sudo apt-get install ca-certificates

$ sudo apt-get install curl
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
The following additional packages will be installed:
The following NEW packages will be installed:
curl libcurl3
0 upgraded, 2 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
Need to get 519 kB of archives.
After this operation, 989 kB…

Atenção!!! A Poloniex NÃO TEM FACEBOOK!!!

A única forma oficial de contato é através da página oficial www.poloniex.com

The short history of dedication, courage, hope and gratitude, from zero to $ 2 Milion USD in 2 days…

Something fantastic happened yesterday.

Roger Ver, investor, early adopter and one of the main supporters of Bitcoin CASH, which would be, according to him and his followers the “true” Bitcoin, published this comment on twitter.

Ontem, dia 6 de dezembro de 2017, durante uma sessão de coaching com um cliente enfrentamos um problema incomum.

Ao tentar fazer uma transferência entre contas no mesmo banco, um dos maiores do Brasil, simplesmente o sistema informava que havia um erro na tela de confirmação, sem especificar do que se tratava.

Depois que o cliente fez diversas tentativas e verificamos todos os dados informados resolvi TESTAR o processo e obtive exatamente o MESMO erro.

Enquanto meu cliente entrava em contato com seu banco, realizei o teste em outras instituições financeiras e para minha surpresa tudo funcionou.

Durante a ligação…

Cicero J4c0b1

BlockChain & Bitcoin evangelist + Business Analytics & Data Integration + Data Quality + Big Data

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